Forecasting and Planning
for Venture Funds
Construct and manage venture portfolios.
Track and model investment outcomes.
Actionable insights to improve portfolio returns.
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Venture Portfolio Construction
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The first portfolio forecastingsoftware.
Build portfolio construction models for your fundraise
Compare actual vs. planned portfolio performance
Run exit and dilution scenarios on investments
Optimize follow-on reserves for investments
Gather insights to get fund performance back on track
Create LP-ready reports for individual deals
Track portfolio company KPI's
Portfolio Construction
Tactyc uses real-world data around valuations and round sizes to develop a fund model based on actual benchmarks.
Portfolio Construction
Stress-test and run scenarios with hundreds of construction parameters to develop a customized fund strategy that balances follow-on reserves, number of investments and projected fund returns.
Portfolio Construction
Easily share your fund strategy with potential investors with a visually engaging dashboard
Portfolio Construction
Portfolio Forecasting
Compare Actual Performance vs. Plan
Tactyc automatically compares actual fund performance with original construction plan and gives GP's insights on market evolution.
Portfolio Construction
Reserve Planning
Allocate reserves towards future rounds and evaluate dilution and return impacts.
Probablistic Investment Outcomes
Model probablistic funding and exit scenarios for each deal.
Optimize Follow-On Reserves
Tactyc automatically ranks all your portfolio investments based on expected performance, enabling you to allocate follow-on reserves to your best performing investments.
Portfolio Construction
Portfolio Management
Track Portfolio Company KPIs
Organize all portfolio company KPI's and deal documents in a single platform.
Create and track custom KPI metrics.
Automatically request KPIs from portfolio companies.
Portfolio Construction
A dashboard that becomes the command console for GP's.
Collaborate on these dashboards with team members.
Portfolio Construction
Export and download LP ready reports such as investment tearsheets, graduation reports and fund performance reports.
Create custom external dashboards for each LP.
Portfolio Construction

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