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for Venture Funds.
Unified platform for portfolio modeling, management & reporting.
Zero spreadsheets.
You're in great company.
Built using actual quantitative techniques of successful VCs, Tactyc powers data-driven workflows of 300+ funds worldwide.
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Multiple Use Cases
Fundraising. Deployment. Reporting.
Build portfolio construction models
Add actual deals & compare performance with plan
Strategize future rounds and optimize reserves
Model probabilistic exit scenarios
Gather insights to improve fund performance
Track and request portfolio company KPIs
Create LP-ready reports
Portfolio Construction.
Build a rock-solid construction model for your fundraise in minutes.
Market Benchmarks
Develop a construction strategy based on real-world datasets of round sizes & valuations.
Portfolio Construction
Precise Reserve Planning
Develop customized check size and reserve strategies based on types of investments.
Portfolio Construction
Flexible Waterfalls
Model European and American waterfalls with customizations in minutes.
Portfolio Construction
Impress LPs
Share your construction model with LPs with a visually engaging dashboard
Portfolio Construction
Portfolio Forecasting & Planning.
Plan reserve deployment and exit scenarios with a live forecast of your active portfolio.
Compare Actual Performance vs. Plan
Find course-correction strategies to improve portfolio's performance.
Portfolio Construction
Round Modeling & Returns Analysis
Easily model and set reserves by deal for future rounds to evaluate dilution and return impacts.
Investment Scenario Analysis
Model upside and downside exit scenarios for each deal by setting probabilities for exit outcomes.
Fund Scenario Analysis
Evaluate fund upside and downside scenarios based on scenarios defined for each deal.
Market Intelligence
Build forecasts based on market intelligence and transaction comps from real-time market data.
Cash Planning
Estimate cash flow and liquidity needs and model line of credit drawdowns.
Capital Need
Reserve Optimization
Allocate reserves towards companies with the highest upside potential and lowest downside risk.
Portfolio Construction
Liquidation Preferences and Partial Exits
Easily analyze impact of liquidation preferences and model partial exits.
Portfolio Management & Reporting.
Organize and track portfolio company KPIs and deal documents.
Track Portfolio Company KPIs
Flexible interface to track and request quantitative or qualitative KPIs directly from portfolio companies.
Portfolio Insights in Seconds.
Filter and pivot on 70+ portfolio performance metrics to evaluate performance by geography, industry, co-investors, and more.
Multi-Currency Support
Track rounds in multiple currencies and automatically perform exchange rate conversions.
Time Machine
Rollback the fund to any point in time to view historical performance.
Intelligent Visualizations
Identify patterns and trends with interactive visualizations and charts.
Enriched Reporting
Pre-built and customizable reports & tearsheets that enable 1-click external LP reporting.

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