Case Study
How Connect Ventures and Tactyc Partnered To Drive Forward Strategic Analysis
Connect Ventures
Connect is a thesis-driven venture fund. We invest in Europe's leading product companies, building opinionated products that are crafted with love, and loved by many. Our investments include Typeform, Kheiron, Oyster, Lifebit, and Truelayer. We invest at pre-seed and seed across consumer, healthcare, B2B Saas and fintech. Collectively we’re passionate about the power of product to transform people’s lives.
The Challenge
Analyzing valuable insights from data sources scattered across various platforms, including hard to maintain spreadsheets
Connect Ventures is a highly sophisticated team, they know all the data they want to report, they have ambitions beyond forecasting in spreadsheets, and they know their metrics. However, existing tools were clunky, disparate, and made the work tedious. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach the team aspired to find a comprehensive tool that could bring all their data into one unified platform, eliminating the constraints imposed by spreadsheets and reducing the necessity for frequent one-off creations.

In essence, the team sought a solution that would empower them to unlock the full potential of their data and insights by providing seamless accessibility and fostering a forward-thinking approach to data analysis.
The Quest for a Comprehensive Solution
Discovering a system that not only met their need for an extensive portfolio management system but also resonated with their definition of a quantitative data driven solution proved to be a challenging endeavor.

The Connect team wanted a comprehensive tool that could seamlessly unite two previously disconnected concepts. The existing spreadsheet infrastructure had planning and portfolio management systems operating independently, necessitating isolated forecasting with no visibility on the fund level impact.

The team hoped to find that self-serve solution that encompassed trustworthy data, that was easily accessible, and presented information in a clear and compelling manner. The ideal solution was one that offered both broad and specific reporting capabilities, while being rich in comprehensive insights and also easy to understand.
“Tactyc has data points that we have always reported but are now there in an easier to access, more consolidated way. I can respond way more quickly to questions that we get frequently from both our GPs and LPs.”
Mark Pettit
CFO at Connect Ventures
The Solution
Tactyc for visualization, analysis, objectivity, and speed.
Shared Vision Leads To Easy Implementation and Quick Utilization
Tactyc and Connect Ventures shared a common ideology on data-driven fund management. This alignment allowed the team to swiftly set up their system and utilize their existing frameworks. The shared vision optimized the integration process, enabling seamless portfolio management.
Tactyc Streamlines Reporting with Data and Dynamic Forecasts
The team can effortlessly incorporate their data and leverage multiple modules to promptly address recurring questions (such as deployment pacing and FD ownership targets), fostering a more deliberate approach to internal reporting.
The Results
Precision and Vision Combined
Following a quick Tactyc implementation the Connect Ventures team can seamlessly adhere to reporting guidelines, efficiently addressing inquiries with independence and speed. Moreover, they can readily assess progress on mandated requirements such as geographical targets, presented in accessible formats that can easily be manipulated and shared within moments. This comprehensive reporting not only rolls up to provide a fund-level view but also offers specificity tailored to each individual investment, enhancing overall transparency and strategic decision making.
Forecasting, Scenario Planning, and Actuals All In One Place
Tactyc facilitates the team in constructing diverse scenarios, navigating complex convertible notes with varying prices, addressing intricate edge cases, and developing various projections. All the math is done for Internal Rate of Returns (IRRs), it forecasts the trajectory of assets, and determines the multiples for subsequent funding rounds. Additionally, the team can see this all rolled up in a concentration analysis for total investments and reserves, planned or actuals.
Optimizing Investment Strategies Through Historical Data Analysis
When evaluating a new investment opportunity, analyzing historical data from recent deals via easy to build charts empowers the team to assess various factors, such as entry pricing, and highlights differences between members of the investment team. This facilitated pattern recognition and strategic analysis, ensuring a methodical approach to decision making.
“The team at Tactyc thinks like a venture firm and solves specifically for the challenges that venture firms face when it comes to deploying capital, constructing a portfolio, monitoring that portfolio and reporting on it, both internally and externally. This was clear from the first time we demoed the product and it has completely lived up to our expectations. If I could have built a tool for venture firms myself, it would have looked just like this.”
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