Case Study
Monitoring and Modeling Capabilities in Action for Munich Re Ventures
Munich Re Venures
Munich Re Ventures (MRV) is the venture capital arm of Munich Re Group, one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance, and insurance-related risk solutions. With more than $1 billion in assets under management, Munich Re Ventures invests in the most innovative start-ups transforming the future of risk and risk transfer. MRV’s experienced investors are financially-driven while focused on the strategic interests of Munich Re and the broader insurance industry. MRV works closely with Munich Re Group businesses across the globe to fund and partner with the best emerging companies developing new technologies and business models — and risks — for tomorrow’s world.
The Challenge
Finding a platform to manage and project fund performance for all stages of a fund's life
The Munich Re Ventures team spent years trying to answer questions about their fund's performance with multiple tools that all lived in multiple places with multiple owners. They found Excel wasn’t robust enough or a Word document couldn’t answer multiple questions at the same time.

The team kept finding that they could source the answers they needed from the beginning, a point in time, in the end but nothing in between. While tools existed to gather portfolio company information, financials, the quarterly exercise nothing put all the pieces in one place.
Inefficiencies and Stagnant Systems Stop Teams from Building a Vision
Before adopting Tactyc the Munich Re Ventures team grappled with the challenge of consolidating all the investment scenarios into a single place. Managing the comprehensive fund view, understanding current performance, and projecting future outcomes was particularly cumbersome in Excel. The intricacies of tracking individual investments, from initial investment to exit planning, was spread across sources, making it difficult to track against projected outcomes throughout the investment lifecycle.

The absence of a dynamic system meant they only had snapshots at the beginning and end, lacking insights into the trajectory in between and a comparison to the original model. This gap hindered their ability to analyze the trajectory towards high and low-case scenarios and analyze their impact on overall fund performance.
Tactyc is the puzzle piece I’ve been seeking for several years. We tried to replicate, to build our own fund model in Excel, but it was never quite right. It was exciting to see Tactyc address exactly what I was looking for.
Alex Kamenetskiy
COO at Munich Re Ventures
The Solution
Tactyc for projections, scenario planning, and the whole picture in one place
Simple Implementation: A Well-Documented Process Enables All
Quite simple, the documentation is already there including tutorials. Plus, the Tactyc team is incredibly helpful and responsive with questions and best practices. That makes it easy to hit the ground running.
Tactyc Empowers all Team Members to Make Data-Driven Decisions
The investment team leverages Tactyc for in-depth analysis aiding them in making informed individual investment decisions. Concurrently, other team members use Tactyc to track and manage the overall fund performance. This process is ongoing to create total operational efficiency.
The Results
An unexpected benefit of Tactyc has been the service and support level.
Dynamic Dashboard Provides a Clear and Complete Picture
With the Tactyc dashboard the team experiences a greater sense of efficiency and clarity in projecting and managing the individual investment. The easy-to-use interface provides a clear path to what numbers are needed where and enables the user to forecast accordingly.
Crunching Real-Time Data: Elevating Projections and Analysis
Leveraging real-time data from a variety of sources, including the integrated Crunchbase database, has significantly improved the team’s forecasting capabilities. This enhancement extends beyond just market data, encompassing comparable analyses for startups, with a specific focus on sectors, geographies, and other investors.
From Fund Planning to Deployment: Tactyc for All Stages of a Fund
The Munich Re Ventures team found Tactyc to be surprisingly helpful as they delved into older funds adopting it midway through the fund's life. In addition, the newest fund was built entirely in Tactyc from portfolio construction to monitoring the fund deployment and even running hypothetical fund scenarios of future fundraises. Tactyc has aided the team across the entirety of a fund’s life.
Tactyc is a really helpful tool that has the right level of flexibility and customization with an ease of use. It’s a rare combination where it’s easy to use and highly customizable in a way that you’re pretty much getting exactly what you need in an effective and efficient way. That part is very impressive. It was built in a very smart way.
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